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The SHSCBC exists as an organization of parents, alumni, and community persons dedicated to supporting, encouraging and advancing the Cheerleading programs of Sprayberry High School, thereby cultivating clean wholesome school spirit, promoting good sportsmanship, and developing high ideals of character. The SHSCBC shall support projects to improve facilities and equipment necessary to provide exceptional Cheerleading programs at Sprayberry High School

2022-2023 Officers

President - Stefani Faer

Vice-President - Marla Sutherland

Secretary / Parliamentarian- Rob Madayag

Treasurer - Amy Corrigan

President Elect - Tash White

Vice-President Elect - Leah Hensley

Secretary / Parliamentarian Elect - Julia Lindsey


You can contact the SHSCBC at

Sprayberry high school
cheer booster club

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